7 tips for a good viewing

Carry out each and every viewing like a professional to generate the best results.  

A viewing is a chance to show a prospective property. Is is also an opportunity to gather more information on your client in order to help secure the right property for their needs. It is important to be prepared to efficiently use your time together. 

1. Listen.

First and foremost listen to your lead. Ascertain what their top three musts are on their wishlist and use this as a basis to find them a suitable property. If they cannot live without a decent sized swimming pool as they take to the water every morning to swim lengths, don’t present them a property with a pool the size of a Jacuzzi. When searching for a property compromises often have to be made, but rarely for those must have items. Maybe they will consider a property with a poor outlook if they get the all important swimming pool. Listen and ask questions. Remember wasting your leads time on viewings may make question your ability encouraging them to enlist the help of another real estate agent.

2. Make sure the property is ready for the viewing.

An empty flat looks uninviting. One with a layer of dust on the floor and a stagnate smell is even worse. So ahead of the viewing check the condition of the property to see if it is ready to be viewed, or if you can do something to quickly spruce the place up whether that is asking the owner to give it a quick clean or open the windows and turning on the air conditioning to circulate the air. This is also your opportunity to check how you access the property and check that the keys work.

3. Prepare marketing details.

Prepare marketing details for your lead in advance of the viewing. Viewing numerous properties at one time can be overwhelming and it is easy to forget what you saw at the very beginning of your tour when you have seen eight different properties. Where possible include images, maps, and all the rates of the building so your lead has everything to hand and to save them asking you.

4. Check access arrangements.

There is nothing worse than arriving at a property to show it and not being able to open the door. Not only is it embarrassing but it does not look like you have done your preparation. So as not to disappoint, make sure not only that the keys are ready for your collection but that they work and that you have access to show other areas of the building such as the facilities.

6. Ask questions.

It is vital to get feedback during views. This will help to determine whether the other properties on the shortlist are suitable. You may find that you will remove some properties whilst adding others. This will help speed the search process up and also your enquiry will be grateful that you are listening to their needs.

7. Do not forget to follow up.

Just because the viewings have finished, it does not mean that your work has stopped. Keep in contact with them to see if you can help them any further or even to make an offer. It will also show your level of professionalism.