Dot Property brings Thailand closer to home with Facebook Marketplace integration

Dot Property
Dot Property's integration with Facebook Marketplace brings it one step closer to moving Asia online

Dot Property, Southeast Asia’s fastest growing real estate property portal group, is proud to announce the company’s rental listings will now appear on Facebook Marketplace in Thailand. The move empowers home seekers with even more search options as they look for the perfect rental property.

Over the coming weeks they will be able to search through Dot Property’s impressive array of rental listings in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Samui, Hua Hin and everywhere else in the Kingdom. Thailand Property is the most visited English-language property portal in the country while Dot Property Thailand has become a trusted source for Thai-language real estate listings.

Facebook Marketplace home for rent
Renters can use Facebook Marketplace to find a new home in Thailand

“Integration with Facebook Marketplace represents yet another innovative step from Dot Property towards our goal of moving Asia online. This ensures home seekers have access to our high-quality listings and provides them with another valuable resource during their search for a new home,” Matthew Campbell, Dot Property CEO, states. “This is also extremely beneficial for the real estate agents working with us. Their listings are being seen by even more people.”

Marketplace boasts rental properties from listing partners in the US, the UK, Canada and France and is now branching out to Thailand. The process is seamless for both home seekers and agents. Once a prospective renter finds a home they’re interested in, all they need to do is fill out a short contact form that is sent directly to the person representing the property.

“Dot Property is committed to finding innovative, yet practical ways to make life easier for property renters, buyers, sellers and landlords. Our Marketplace integration is the latest way for us to bring Thailand closer to home,” Campbell concludes.