It is easy to find a high-end villa on Koh Samui. However, finding one customized to your unique needs and wants is much harder. This was not lost on the developers of Emerald Bayview. In fact, it inspired them to empower villa owners with the freedom to create the home of their dreams. 

“Most Samui projects look the same. We want to be different because clients have different tastes. We want to offer buyers a level of customization that allows them to create a home where they can truly feel comfortable,” Jonathan Diluret, Premium Properties Samui Sales Director, states.

He adds that buyers are free to create whatever they wish within the frame of the plot. The renders and designs of Emerald Bayview are an example of what is possible, not what is available.  

“We offer several villa designs. There is a three-bedroom villa with double-high ceilings and a four-bedroom villa with independent access for each bedroom for the ones more interested in the rental aspect as well. But our design offerings are a starting point. Anything is possible. The renders we provide are examples or can be used as a template. Nothing about your villa is definitive, not even the layout,” Jonathan details.  

Premium Properties Samui is a full-service real estate company that has its own construction team. This gives the developer full control of the costs and greater freedom on projects like Emerald Bayview which is then passed on to owners. Layout, finishings and designs can all be tailored to suit your needs. That means you’ll be buying a high-end villa on Koh Samui customized to you and no one else. 

The Emerald Bayview customization process

Emerald Bayview villa Koh Samui
You can choose your own finishings or the developer can provide you with samples of what has been done

Customizing an Emerald Bayview villa starts with finalizing your desired layout. This is done prior to signing the purchase agreement. If you aren’t sure what you want, Premium Properties Samui can provide numerous examples of completed residences. And if you have an idea but want to see what it will look like, their in-house architect is able to bring the concept to life.

“We are happy to take clients to previous projects just to show them how their villa can look and feel like. We also have an office where our architect can make modifications to potential designs, so they can easily be visualized,” Jonathan explains.

Once the purchase contract has been signed and construction is underway, it’s time to select finishings and the kitchen. Jonathan Diluret notes that homebuyers can either choose from a catalog or propose what they wish to use. From there, the developer will then find the equivalent with their supplier. However, potential customization goes much deeper than this. 

“In the purchase contract, we include a bill of quantity that summarizes every feature in the home with their prices. Buyers have an allocated budget for each item which they can play with to upgrade features or adjust areas as they see fit,” Jonathan says.  

Emerald Bayview
You can’t beat that view

For example, let’s say bathroom flooring is a low priority but you want high-end countertops. All you have to do is choose bathroom tiling that comes in under budget and then put the leftover amount towards your countertops. Jonathan adds upgrades are possible with the client only paying the difference in price.

The entire process is fully transparent from budgeting to building. Those in Samui are free to see how construction is going in person while buyers abroad can check in on their villa via video, thanks to our onsite CCTVs. 

“Buyers who can’t be in Samui are provided with access to our CCTV which they can use to monitor construction from wherever they are in the world. We want them to be involved in the process because this will be their home. Transparency is key to accomplishing that,” Jonathan points out. 

Your villa, your investment

Emerald Bayview
A look at Emerald Bayview from above

No matter how you create your Emerald Bayview villa, it can be an investment property as well as a holiday home. This is something that separates the project from most other developments on Koh Samui that require you to purchase a specific furniture package in order for it to be rented out while you’re away. 

“We work with buyers to help them choose furniture that allows their villa to be rental ready. But they are not required to buy anything and have total flexibility in creating their space. We don’t create any restraints,” Jonathan says. 

The project has a management team handling check-in and check-out along with maintenance. This ensures villa owners can use their property for however long they wish and then take advantage of rental returns during the remainder of the year. That, along with many other factors, makes Emerald Bayview an attractive investment. 

“The rental returns are good. But there is more to investment than that alone. Our villas start at a very low price point. We have our own construction team who controls every aspect of the cost involved which allows us to offer a higher quality at lower prices,” Jonathan states. “Clients can make between 20 and 30 percent profit on capital appreciation alone from the time they purchase it to when construction is complete.” 

Speaking of price, everything is included when you buy an Emerald Bayview villa, even legal fees. All you have to do is sign the documents and move into your new residence. It’s an easy, hassle-free experience that is rare to find.

“Some developers don’t like handling the legal side of the transactions, but we really value our clients. Our mission is to take care of them from A to Z. No matter what they need, we want to be there for them. The buying process can have a lot of uncertainty. We work with transparency so they will always know what is going on,” Jonathan concludes.

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