Real estate marketing in 2021: Innovation required in challenging climate

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Developers and real estate agents can leverage a full suite of marketing tools when partnering with Dot Property

No one could have imagined the challenges the real estate sector would face in 2020 at this time last year. The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it lockdown, social distancing and travel restrictions, things no one was really prepared for. Real estate marketing was one of the areas most impacted by this. 

Take the billboard, for example. These have long been one of the most widely used and effective real estate marketing tools for developers and agencies. While expensive, billboards ensured the greatest number of potential customers saw what you were advertising.  

However, this tool became ineffective almost overnight. With people working from home and no tourists arriving to Thailand, no one was going to see billboards. Simply put, what worked in the past may no longer work today or in the future.  

Looking ahead to this year, innovation in real estate marketing is required to navigate the challenging climate. Dot Property is at the forefront of these efforts having helped numerous developers and real estate agencies reach both domestic and overseas buyers. Here is how Southeast Asia’s leading online real estate marketplace is innovating real estate marketing. 

Rethinking the sales event

While there was no shortage of sales in 2020, the Dot Property Black Friday Sale was the premier real estate sales event last year. With Thailand emerging from lockdown in June, Dot Property wanted to tap into pent up demand by connecting buyers and sellers at a unique, online-only event. While this was a new concept, the company was confident it would be a welcome innovation that solved several key challenges. 

The results of the Dot Property Black Friday Sale proved that to be true. A significant number of real estate transactions occurred, and a record number of people visited the Dot Property Thailand website. Several participants were able to sell multiple units during the event. 

the Dot Property Black Friday Sale captured demand from real buyers
The Dot Property Black Friday Sale captured demand from real buyers

“The Dot Property Black Friday Sale was a unique event that really captured the attention of real estate buyers. Our team was blown away by the response we received for The Cloud Thonglor Petchburi. We managed to sell nearly THB12 million worth of condo units in the project during the sale. That can be attributed in large part to the comprehensive marketing efforts and reach of Dot Property who knows exactly where the demand for Thailand property is coming at all times.” Chao Zhong, Project Director of The Cloud Thonglor Phetchaburi, stated. 

By differentiating itself from other sales events, the Dot Property Black Friday Sale captured demand from real buyers. The company managed to accomplish this by working with developers to promote exclusive discounts that were only made available during the event.

This year sees the launch of Dot Property’s One Big Weekend which combines online and offline sales activities. The four-day, real estate extravaganza includes the Dot Property Expo at Siam Paragon, the online-focused One Big Weekend Mega Sale, Digital Expo: LIVE! and a number of events hosted by leading Thailand property influencers.

“Dot Property’s One Big Weekend will be the event developers in Thailand cannot afford to miss,” Adam Sutcliffe, Director, Events and International Markets at Dot Property, says. “This is the first time in Thailand you are seeing a real estate event fully integrate both offline and online activities. Those who join One Big Weekend will be able to take advantage of Dot Property’s ability to help people find a home.”

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Building credibility, gaining recognition

Dot Property Awards returns for its sixth year in 2021
Dot Property Awards returns for its sixth year in 2021

While real estate awards are nothing new, winning today is more important now than ever before. That’s because many firms in the industry claim to be the best and market themselves as such. Being an award winner goes beyond empty words to prove you are at the top of the field. The end result is increased trust in the eyes of the public and greater respect in the industry as a whole.

Large homebuilders that have been in business for decades, boutique firms wanting to provide specialization and new developers with passion and vision all benefit. It’s the same story for real estate agencies, property consultancies and other companies in the real estate sector. Victory provides an instant boost in credibility while at the same time elevating your brand.  

The Dot Property Awards returns for its sixth year in 2021. Last year, the series hosted four in-person presentation ceremonies including the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2020 and Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2020 Charity Gala in Bangkok. A number of new innovations were introduced as the event continues to grow.

Among these were the launching of ‘On Screen’, the broadcasting of the events on Facebook Live, the creation of several new awards and the introduction of Habitat for Humanity as the awards’ official charity partner. 

A full slate of Dot Property Awards events are planned for 2021. Nominations are currently open. For more information, please visit:

Connecting developers and agents

Dot Property launched virtual Agent Days along with bespoke one-on-one meetings
Dot Property launched virtual Agent Days last year. These will continue while in-person events will resume where permitted

Dot Property is a leader in connecting developers and real estate agents. However, the COVID-19 outbreak required innovation to allow this to happen. Previously, the company had organized numerous Agent Days where 30+ leading professionals would visit a showroom or project and speak with a developer directly. 

Obviously, this wasn’t possible with restrictions in place. Dot Property launched virtual Agent Days along with bespoke one-on-one meetings to facilitate connections between developers and real estate agents. These proved to be a popular alternative, especially among overseas firms wanting to tap into the local market but unable to travel to Thailand. 

Stronger together

No other online real estate marketplace is committed to the success of clients like Dot Property. In order to reach greater heights together, the company will continue to find innovative ways to improve real estate marketing in 2021. For more information on how we can help you, contact us at: [email protected]