6 step guide to taking professional photos

Make each one of your listings stand out with professional photos. 

It is easy to judge a book by its cover. And the same applies to property listings on the Internet. Most people searching online are likely to look at the photos rather than looking at the description so it is important to make sure that each property looks it best before you get snapping.

1. Survey the room.

Take time to look at the property through a fresh pair of eyes. It is easy to glaze over things if you are used to a property, so check to see if there is anything that could stand out and lose the property’s appeal, such as a bright orange rug that becomes a new focal point of the photo. If so, roll it up and store it away for the photographs. Have a good look at the property for anything that could detract from the room’s other features.

2. Create a blank but inviting canvas.

Make sure personal belongings are removed and the property is decluttered to free up space to make the room feel big. Too much ‘stuff’ will make a room look overcrowded and small, and personal photos may put some people off. Clear as much as possible to create a blank but inviting canvas.

3. Have a quick tidy up.

Think of each property as a five-star hotel and make each room look like this by making the beds, straightening the cushions and even putting the toilet seat down. This takes literally seconds to do as remember first impressions really do count and there are no second chances with first impressions.

4. Experiment with the lighting.

How the property is lit, either by natural or artificial light, will influence how the photo will look. If the room is bright by the sun blazing in don’t just take a photo of the room with the curtains closed. Turn your back on the light and take the photo into the room. Likewise often bathrooms lack natural light so turn on the lights before you start to shoot. This is your opportunity to take some test photos to check that everything is just right.

5. Use proper equipment.

We all love our smartphones but a professional photo can only be taken with proper camera and ideally one with a wide angled lens. If you cannot enlist the help of a professional photographer then invest in some good quality photography equipment instead and take time to get to grips with the features of it first.

6. Less is more.

Go snap crazy taking as many images as you can but be selective when choosing which ones should be posted online. Choose the best ones as it can be boring trawling through lots of repetitive photos.