5 mistakes to avoid when selling property

Make sure you sell your property quickly by avoiding these common pitfalls.

When you put your property on the market, naturally you want it to sell as quickly as possible. However it pays to be prepared and to do your homework in order to achieve this. Therefore follow this guide to avoid these common mistakes that will inevitably slow the sale down.

1. Putting it on the market prematurely.

Whether you are selling your own home or a property which forms part of your investment portfolio, do not put it on the market until you are ready. Do you research, listen to advice and carefully consider your options. Do not be coerced into putting your property on the market until you have every question answered, and your property is looking its best.

2. Seeing dollar signs.

As the selling of your property can be to fund another place or to give you a bit more disposable income, it is easy to get a bit greedy. Put the property on the market at a realistic price. Pitch it too high and you might find it hard to generate any interest. Plus it will leave the property stale on the market which could easily deter people coming to view it.

3. Picking the wrong agent.

Speak and meet a few agents before deciding on the one that you want to recruit the services of. This gives you a good chance to gauge their ability and to work out which one you are likely to connect with more. Pick their expertise and utilise their knowledge in order help sell your property quickly. Remember to take on their advice and not to ignore it. If anyone knows the market well, it is a good real estate agent.

4. Jumping the gun.

The internet is a vital tool as purchasers are time short and will spend time online searching for suitable properties before going out to view. A photo says a thousand words, and if someone doesn’t like what they see, a potential property could be instantly eliminated. Check out our online guide to taking a good photograph.

5. Getting emotional.

Whilst it may be hard to remember, the sale of your property is a business transaction. It can be difficult to remove the emotion but it is important you do so in order to reach a rational outcome. Additionally if you are at home during the viewing, try not to get involved. Leave the person to have a good look without feeling like they are stepping on their toes. If you are in the way, it is unlikely that they will feel relaxed to have a proper good look round.